Board Exams Approach – Is it Time to Lose Hope?

The clock’s ticking and the much awaited exams are approaching… What should you do? Check out this awesome post!


2 thoughts on “Board Exams Approach – Is it Time to Lose Hope?

    • ICSE Helper says:


      Of course you can get a 90% in your Board Examination! You should never lose hope. Our Biology teacher always said that you can increase the percentage you scored in your Pre-boards (if you studied thoroughly) by about 6-7% in your final Board Examination. She has experienced such results with her students over the years that she has taught ICSE 10th graders. Please do not lose hope and keep on working hard. Study the textbook thoroughly and do not leave behind even the minutest of details. May God be with you. Good luck for your upcoming examinations! 🙂


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