Simple tips in English grammar

English I – Tips for better grammar skills!

Impact Writing

Navigating your way through the labyrinth of English grammar โ€ฆ



a. We are all taught a plural subject needs a plural verb and a singular subject needs a singular verb. Sometimes, you will have difficulty in deciding in subject is plural or singular. In such cases, go by the sense of the words, find which part /parts of the sentence constitute the subject and, then, choose the verb accordingly.


Twenty tins of Rasgoolas are waiting to be sent to the canteen.
Twenty teens of Rasgoolas is a dayโ€™s consumption of the Indian wresting contingent.

Five hundred books are enough for a start-up village library.
Five hundred books is a village libraryโ€™s minimum requirement to begin functioning.

Three dhoti-kurtas are enough for Annaโ€™s wardrobe.

Three dhoti-kurtas is a whole yearโ€™s need of a simple man like Anna.

b. Time, in whatever you write, is written in aโ€ฆ

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