How To Prepare Study Notes,Make Good Notes For Exam

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Everyone start preparation for exam. And makes some notes. Making notes is also part of exam preparation.  If you makes good notes its help to secure high marks in exam. 80% students who get higher marks prefer to makes notes.

How to make good notes:

good notes for exam Here are some tips to help how to prepare good notes:

  • Easily understandable
  • Easily revisable
  • Save time
  • Refresh key points of book
  • Contains collective information of text book and lecture notes
  • Notes always written in your handwriting

 Here are two steps for making notes

  • Preparing Notes or taking from lecturers
  • Shaping then or formatting
Taking notes from teachers
  • Always be alert in class, listen to lecture carefully.
  • Write down carefully all key points
  • If teacher gives additional information which not mention in book then write down
  • You can also prepare notes from text or guide book
  • Write down the important information from book which match…

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