A Great Website for English Notes…

Hey everyone! I have received quite a few requests by readers asking me to put up notes on English Literature. Since I do not have the time at present to fulfill every request, I thought I would share this website that I came across while browsing the Internet.

ICSE English Help – An Approach to ICSE English

It has notes for grammar and language, composition writing, letter writing, etc. along with notes and questions on the various poems, lessons, dramas, etc. Do visit the website! Thank you! 🙂


28 thoughts on “A Great Website for English Notes…

  1. Tanisha Mehta says:

    Hey ! I usually face a lot of problems with prepositions. Would you mind helping me by telling me how shall I go about it ? I have my paper tomorrow.


    • ICSE Helper says:


      We apologize for the late reply. I would suggest practicing exercises on prepositions from grammar textbooks as prescribed by your school or otherwise. The internet is also a great place to download a list of prepositions, which are typically used with certain words.

      For example, “abstain from“, “cured of“, etc.

      Practice the entire list every day for fifteen minutes and gradually, you’ll find it easier to attempt questions based on prepositions.

      Hope this helped! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for visiting! 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there! First off, please don’t call me “sir.” 🙂

      As for your query, we’d suggest you refer to either of the books for English I that we have mentioned here:

      Alternatively, you may search for lists of prepositions and prepositional phrases on the internet, print one out, and go through it every day before going to sleep or before sitting to study for the day.

      Practice will help! So, keep revising. 🙂 I’m sure it will make a difference.

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks for stopping by! Keep visiting. 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi there!

      If you are confident that you will be able to quote word for word, then go ahead and use a quote! They have the most impact at the beginning and end of the essay, but you can always surprise the examiner and use it wherever you feel it’s appropriate. Make sure you give due credit to the person whom you are quoting. Also, one or two quotes is fine. Don’t overdo it, though.

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Good luck! Stay connected. 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Practice is key. Try to understand the balancing part and the reasons behind it. Apply your logic to understand why we use a certain catalyst, etc. or why the equation takes place under the specified conditions. Ultimately, after understanding these aspects, write down the equations and practice them at intervals, e.g. three days in a row, then on the fifth day, then eighth day, etc. so that they are stored in your long-term memory.

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for stopping by, and do keep visiting. 🙂


  2. Utkarsh says:

    If you know can you pls tell if there are any chances of change of pattern of the question paper for any subjects so that I can revise accordingly


    • ICSE Helper says:


      We are not aware of the same. Hence, we can only advise you to keep revising those topics which you find difficult or in which you are weak. The ones which you like or which you are confident in will be easier to revise even at a later date. First, focus on the former.

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for stopping by, and do keep visiting. 🙂


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