Precis writing for school and college students –Use of vocabulary

English I – A quick and easy tip to better précis writing!

Impact Writing

Précis writing – The smart way – Use your vocabulary


In precis writing, we need to concise a text to one third its word count without omitting any of its main points or facts. You can leverage your vocabulary to great effect.

See some example ..

a.. My grand daughter had a bad day in the school. On reaching home, she came to me and narrated her woes with tears rolling down her cheeks. Unable to control her emotions, she cried out intermittently. [Words –36]

Concise form .. Returning home from school, my grand daughter sobbed out her troubles to me. [Words – 13]


b. Mike had concluded that he would come last in the school short story contest. However, the examiners felt otherwise. Mike’s short story was adjudged the best among the forty one entries. He got the Governor’s Prize. His friends rushed to congratulate him for…

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