English I/English II – Figures of speech are very often used in all sorts of writing. There are many figures of speech used in the poem, stories, and dramas in your syllabus. Check out this post and learn to be able to pick out such figures of speech from your English textbooks and mention them in your literature answers during critical analysis, etc.

Impact Writing

Figures of Speech, Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Hyperbole, Pun Exclamation, Interrogation, Climax, Anticlimax


Figures of Speech ..

Introduction .. If we write English using words to describe objects, feelings, situations etc. using precise and the most befitting word, our writing, both in prose and poetry form, will appear drab, monotonous and uninteresting.

Example .. 1. Seeing the approaching bull, the small boy ran very fast to escape the danger.
Compare this with …
Seeing the approaching bull, the child ran for his life.

2. The girl was jilted by her lover. She went to her mother and described in detail how hurt and sad she was.
Compare this with …
The girl was jilted by her lover. She poured her heart out to her mother.
If you examine both cases, you will see that the second versions are shorter, more expressive and more pleasant to the reader.

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