Model letter writing –to a friend about diabtes

Sample Letter – Informal Letter Writing

Impact Writing

Write a letter to your friend advising her to monitor her father’s diabetic condition and take appropriate measures.


Date ….

Dear Susheela,

Ever since you mentioned to me that your father has developed diabetes, I have begun to worry. This has disturbed me because my father’s elder brother succumbed to diabetes last year at a relatively young age of 54, leaving behind his wife and three children, none of whom has completed their studies. My aunt has been severely stretched trying to manage the household. My uncle had dismissed the doctor’s suggestion to check his blood sugar level periodically. Strong and stout that he was, he ignored the caution of her wife too. He died a miserable death.

I am telling you all this because diabetes has emerged as the biggest health hazard in modern times, particularly for Indians. Diabetes is very dangerous because in about 80% cases…

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