Model letter writing –Petition to Consumer Court

Sample Letter – Formal Letter Writing

Impact Writing

You had bought a room heater from a local dealer. The item started malfunctioning from the first day. Despite several requests, the dealer refused to either repair it or give you a replacement. He has also refused to refund the amount to you in lieu of the defective heater.
You want to approach the local Consumer Court for redressal of your grievance in respect of the room heater. Write a letter to this effect.
Ramprasad Agarwala (cell phone 8980967656)
# 264, Motihari, High School Road

The Presiding Officer                                                               Date …………
District Consumer Court
Mothari Bagh
Madhya Pradesh [All names are imaginary.]

Subject: Complaint against Remco Electricals, Motihari for supplying faulty room heater.

Respected Sir/Madam,


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