Model letter writing –Petition to bank for an ATM counter

Sample Letter – Formal Letter Writing

Impact Writing

Write a letter to the General Manager of Hong Kong and Macau Bank to open an ATM counter in your locality. Justify your claim.

The Regional Manager,
Hong Kong and Macau Bank
Manila                                                                                         Antario, Date ……..


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2 thoughts on “Model letter writing –Petition to bank for an ATM counter

  1. annetbell says:

    I think this is a terrific site. Bless you for helping the level 10 students. It breaks my heart hearing about all the pressure put on Indian students and the frustration and even suicides that are a result. ( From CHetan Bhagat and stories directly from Indian people) Of course there many wonderful successful Indians as well produced from your education system. Thanks for visiting my little posts! Namaste. . . . . As a teacher though, I am thinking that maybe in India there needs to be directing of students using their personal aptitude and interest and not trying to make everyone an engineer or doctor! I have met so many Indian engineers on blogs who are obviously very bright but are frustrated poets!


    • icsehelpline101 says:

      Thank you for the encouragement once again! I look forward to reading your posts regarding the upcoming elections… It’s nice to read an unbiased opinion from a non-Indian; kind of your clears your view as well. 🙂 As for your view regarding the Indian system of education, I agree that it is quite burdensome and has a very narrow scope, though I believe people do encourage it by talking and writing about it (such as the suicides we all read about) and yet, doing nothing. In fact, sometimes I feel if the media concentrated more on the positive aspects, then those would be enhanced; instead of the negative things which we likely cannot change. And yes, there are Indians here in the blogging world who have subdued talents but which they only let them out through their posts. It’s a shame but on the bright side, not all schools in in India are the same and many are aiming at providing a better environment or students.
      Thank you for your comment! It’s good to hear about others’ opinions… Keep visiting! 🙂


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