NCERT History — How the Rowlatt Act set in motion India’s freedom struggle

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NCERT History lesson – Chapter ‘The Making of the National Movement’ — Rowlatt Act ..

Rowlatt Act – During the First World War, citing the need for maintaining domestic peace, the colonial government had passed certain legislations under the name of Defence of India Regulation Act. Later, its tenure was indefinitely extended by the Rowlatt Committee, headed by its chairman Sir Sydney Rowlatt. The legislations known as the Rowlatt Act were passed by the Imperial Legislative Council.

Even a cursory reading of the provisions of the Rowlatt Act shows how unfair, oppressive and draconian the Act was. Under this Act, a person accused of inciting terrorist activities against the British colonial government

a. had to face an in-camera hearing

b. no material offending the government could be printed by any press including those of reputed newspapers

c. arrests could be made without warrant

d. detention of the accused could be…

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