History: India’s First War of Independence, 1857 (NOTES – Part 3)

Bhanderi gate of the fort of Jhansi through wh...
Bhanderi gate of the fort of Jhansi through which Rani Laxmibai escaped from the fort during the 1857 Indian war of independence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across this MS-PowerPoint Presentation of the Revolt of 1857 – aka the First War of Independence, 1857 – on the internet. I’m not sure who compiled this presentation, hence, excuse me from not properly acknowledging those involved with the compilation of these notes.

The presentation is precise and has almost all the main points required to answer general questions regarding the causes and effects of the revolt. Do go through these notes! I’m sure you will find them useful! 🙂


Here’s a link to the above-mentioned notes:

History: The Revolt of 1857


11 thoughts on “History: India’s First War of Independence, 1857 (NOTES – Part 3)

      • Ananthi says:

        😦 Anyway, Thanks a lot for searching for me:-) Can u suggest the best guides for ICSE 10th? Wanna be plan to buy guides…That s y asking you…
        On Searching via net, know some guides name like evergreen,together with serious…what about question bank(Q&A)? Any free pdf download in net?? I need topic wise question bank…hav u any idea ?


      • icsehelpline101 says:

        First of all, a Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

        I’ve mentioned a few names for reference books in my post : https://icsehelpline101.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/reference-books/

        And also, for textbooks, you can check out this post:

        Together With is my best bet since it has its own questions as well as questions asked previously in the board exam. They are classified topic wise and also subdivided into 1-mark, 2-mark, etc. questions. They also give important labelled diagrams and even a summary of notes of the lesson at the beginning.
        Together With is detailed whereas Evergreen has some less detail. If your son is capable, I suggest you buy Together With for him. After studying the chapter at school, he should go through the questions/answers in Together With. If, however, you think he won’t be able to go through the whole book, then I would suggest you go for Evergreen. Of course, you can buy both, but that would just be pressurizing on your son if he isn’t able to go through both of them.

        For geography, especially, I will provide question/answers for a couple chapters. I am in the process of editing them. I referred to the Self Tutor book that I’ve mentioned in my post, since it has important points and short/long questions which are frequently asked in exams. You might want to ask for other subjects by Self Tutor and compare them with Together With/Evergreen.

        For biology, S. Chand’s textbook is very thorough and if your son studies from it, he won’t really need any other book, because they have their own questions/answers plus those asked previously in the board exams, at the end of every chapter. Everybody also compliments Anita Prasad’s Biology textbook, but I find it a bit user – “unfriendly”, though it has a whole bank of Multiple Choice Questions at the back along with the answers. I didn’t have the chance to go through S. Chand’s other subject textbooks, but you might want to do that.

        As for the pdf download, I know a couple websites which do provide questions/answers kind of a worksheet. I will give the addresses of those websites in my next post. Do check it out!

        I’ll ask my friends and get back to you if there are any other guides that they may have referred.


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