Tip of the Day #2

Tip of the Day #2

Tip of the Day #2

It’s high time I shared some more tips with you all! So here’s your Tip of the Day #2……… Drum roll please! 🙂

Ta-da! Today’s tip will help you avoid making the same mistakes twice while writing your answer sheet. It was first suggested to me by my Mom. 🙂

Tip of the Day: Whenever my teachers returned my answer sheets to me, I would make a note of the answers I got wrong. I would circle those questions on the question paper, write the reason why I got them wrong, ask my teacher what the correct answer was, and then I would write that correct answer next to the question on the question paper. If I got the answer wrong because of a silly mistake, I would write precisely what silly mistake I did… Whether I read/copied the question wrong, whether there was a mathematical mistake involved regarding addition/subtraction/multiplication/division, whether I forgot to answer a sub-question, whether I misunderstood what the question was asking, etc. etc. I could go on and on of the silly mistakes that I came across while checking my answer sheets. However, the my point exactly is that it doesn’t matter even if you did make silly mistakes. The lesson that we should learn here is that we should strive hard to avoid making that same mistake a second time! That is why if you follow the above mentioned procedure and then go through those same question papers one day before the exam, I can guarantee that you will definitely not make that same silly mistake again! Whenever you do make a silly mistake, or rather any kind of mistake, tell yourself that this is one way of learning; God is making you make mistakes so that He can be sure that you won’t make that same mistake in your final paper. Take all these experiences as chances to learn the different ways in which you can make mistakes. Then, you will be sure of not making that same mistake twice! 🙂

There’s a Latin proverb which states that,

“A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool from his own.”

Once you learn from your own mistakes, you should also learn from others’ mistakes. In that way, you will definitely be one step forward in preparing for the final exam! Good luck everybody!


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