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Reference Books to Use for ICSE Class 10

Reference books which include questions and answers for each chapter, recent questions asked in the board examinations, etc. will help you out a LOT while preparing for your exams. They will also help you cover all the necessary points that you must know! You don’t have to write hundreds of model question papers or anything of the sort, but you should solve five to six recent board papers. However, if in the end, you find yourself not having the time to do that either, then at least get your hands on a reference book and go through it – entirely! By starting to read these reference books from now, you will find yourself acing in school tests, since most of the questions/answers given in these books are commonly asked in exams. However, at times, you can’t rely entirely on these books. If you feel doubtful of a given answer to a certain question in the book, do ask your school teacher if the answer given is correct. There’s no harm done in double checking! 🙂

Here are a few publishers whose reference books I found useful while preparing for the board examinations:

Together With ICSE (subject name) – X

Rachna Sagar Private Limited

ICSE Self Study in (subject name) (Class X)

Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd.

Self Tutor ICSE (subject name) – X

Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd.


Please check out their books and go through them to prepare for your examinations! They will surely help you out! 🙂


As for workbooks/guides for English, the following are the ones that helped me out the most:

English II

John Galsworthy’s Loyalties Workbook
For ICSE Classes IX and X
By Dr. (Ms) Gillian Rosemary Hart
Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. – New Delhi

The Golden Lyre:
Workbook on The Golden Lyre
ICSE – Classes IX-X
By Michael Shane Calvert
Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. – New Delhi

A Treasure Trove of Short Stories:
A Treasure Trove of Short Stories (A Collection of Short Stories) Workbook
By S. Chakravarthi and R. S. Gupta
Franksons [A Unit of Frank Bros. & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.] – New Delhi

And additionally, you may purchase the Together With guidebook for English II which will have a point wise summary of all chapters/poems/acts as well as short solved questions and practice questions. I recommend using Together With for English II only for quick revision. Otherwise, the books mentioned above are quite thorough and will help a lot!


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23 thoughts on “Reference Books to Use for ICSE Class 10

    • ICSE Helper says:


      Yes, as per my experience (two to three years back), it was a great book to quickly revise chemical equations and other overlooked details. However, you may want to check out other books in the current market, as well.


  1. Akshat says:

    Can you suggest which workbooks to study that cover all topics, are precise and to the point. Which publishers(Selina, Goyal brothers, Evergreen, Rachna Sagar, S. Chand, Morning Star, etc) provide the best ones. Also suggest some books referring to model papers and notes. I am going to give class 10 ICSE in 2015.

    Yours sincerely,


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Either is advisable, but I have heard from junior students that they tend to gravitate towards the ‘Together With’ series. Go through both books at the book store and depending upon which you feel offers a wider range of questions, you can choose the same. Also ask your subject teacher at school for better guidance.

      Hope this helped! Keep visiting! 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hello! I haven’t checked out the revised editions or latest versions of either publisher hence, I cannot say for sure which is better. However, during my time in 10th grade, I found both to be equally helpful. What one book doesn’t have, the other compensates for. I would recommend you visit your nearest bookstore and compare both books simultaneously and choose the one which best suits your requirements. Hope this helped! Do keep visiting! 🙂


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