Chemistry: Names and Colors of Common Salts



These are just a few names of compounds, what color they are, their special characteristics (if any), etc.

You’ll find this information useful in Acids, Bases, and Salts; Analytical Chemistry; and in the differentiate between two salt/acids/compounds questions.

Hope this helps you out! 🙂 All you have to do is keep this in mind and apply it wherever needed! (Helps a lot in application-based questions!)

Here’s a link to the PDF file for the above mentioned notes:

NOTES – Names and Colors of Common Salts

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30 thoughts on “Chemistry: Names and Colors of Common Salts

  1. Ananthi says:

    Yesterday, bought together with maths I remind you when we bought..Tanks:-) well…What about english guides?( A treasure trove, golden lyre, Loyalties) Can i get separate guides for each book?


    • icsehelpline101 says:


      As for English, I completely forgot to include them in my post… Sorry!

      John Galsworthy’s Loyalties Workbook
      For ICSE Classes IX and X
      By Dr. (Ms) Gillian Rosemary Hart
      Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. – New Delhi

      The Golden Lyre:
      Workbook on The Golden Lyre
      ICSE – Classes IX-X
      By Michael Shane Calvert
      Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. – New Delhi

      A Treasure Trove of Short Stories:
      A Treasure Trove of Short Stories (A Collection of Short Stories) Workbook
      By S. Chakravarthi and R. S. Gupta
      Franksons [A Unit of Frank Bros. & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.] – New Delhi

      And additionally, you may purchase the Together With guidebook for English II which will have a point wise summary of all chapters/poems/acts as well as short solved questions and practice questions. I recommend using Together With for English II only for quick revision. Otherwise, the books mentioned above are quite thorough and will help a lot!


    • icsehelpline101 says:

      I really have no idea about this book. Haven’t heard about it, but one extra reference book surely can’t hurt! 🙂 But do try to get the Evergreen Workbook I mentioned above… I know from experience that it helps a lot in writing answers that are up to the mark.


    • icsehelpline101 says:

      Thank you for pointing that out! You are absolutely correct, and I’ll add ammonium dichromate as an exception. 🙂
      Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited to the extent of what I have been taught, and mostly the notes posted here are a direct result of that.


    • ICSE Helper says:


      We will publish a post on the same within a few days. If you have signed up via email, you will get the notification in your mail. Or else, please visit the blog after a few days to update yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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