Welcome! Let me introduce myself…

Student in the library

Student in the library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everybody! I’m a student just like you all and I just gave my ICSE  Class X Board Examination.. Whew! It was a tough year, one I’ll definitely NOT forget!

I happened to be struck with an idea when my exams were going on, “Why not start a blog and help out other students who may be struggling to cope up with studies in tenth grade?!” And, BANG! I made up my mind that as soon as my exams were over, I’d do JUST that! So here I am, posting my first post on my all-new blog, Helpline for ICSE Sudents (Class X).

I just want to let you guys know that I’ll be posting notes that I made and collected throughout this past academic year and I’m sure studying from them will make it a lot easier for you. I’ll also be taking personal requests and questions regarding the following subjects:

ENGLISH I  (I’ll try my best to help you out here!)

ENGLISH II (Golden Lyre, Treasure Trove of Short Stories, and Loyalites by John Galsworthy)

MATHEMATICS (Yes, most of you probably hate math.. But that’s why I’m here!)



BIOLOGY (One of my favorite subjects!)



ECONOMIC APPLICATIONS (This is one subject you should be fearing the least..! It’s as easy as pie once you get the hang of it!)

Again, I’ll also be posting tips and hints on how to go about your studies this year. Planning is my middle name, so I’ll also be stressing a lot on that! I’ll also be suggesting names of several textbooks which you may want to refer to.. Just keep yourself updated because I’ll be posting away in no time!

One more thing – this is merely a blog to guide you.. YOU are the one who has to study and work hard to improve, so please don’t take this for granted. Thanks a bunch, and I’m looking forward to helping you out!

P.S. If you have any questions at allplease don’t hesitate to contact us via our “Contact Us” form on the top right corner.. Although I can’t promise that I’ll have an answer to your every question, I’ll definitely try my best. If I can’t help you out, I’ll be frank enough to say, “Sorry, but that’s something I don’t know”, because we definitely don’t want you filling up your brain with the wrong answers.


10 thoughts on “Welcome! Let me introduce myself…

    • icsehelpline101 says:


      Thank you for your encouraging words! 🙂

      We have sent you an email and look forward to receiving your notes. Enthusiastic readers like you are a great inspiration!

      Thank you and keep visiting!


  1. angelaria18S says:

    Could you please suggest some online help regarding the new Literature syllabus for class 10 from 2015. We are not getting appropriate resouces from the internet. And another query is:
    1. Can I skip some chapters in geography as the choice section is 5 out of 9 questions?
    2.Should I stick to the syllabus regarding history & civics or should I memorise everything given in the book?


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi! Sorry to say, but I cannot help you as far as the new English syllabus is concerned. I will look into it, though I can’t promise anything.
      For Geography, if you wish to skip a couple chapter, you may provided that the paper pattern hasn’t changed. However, in that case, you must be very thorough with the other chapters to stay on the safe side.
      For History and Civics, I recommend sticking to the syllabus as things outside the syllabus are rarely asked. However, do check once with your school teacher.

      Hope this helped! Keep visiting! 🙂


  2. arushi says:

    Hi… I’m not that good in science ( chemistry, biology, physics) + geography … so if you could just help me and provise some of the chapters notes … at least some of the chapters in physics , chemistry , biology and geography… I request please … exams are on head now… so please if you could provide some notes regarding these subjects…

    I’m a Icse 10th grade student..


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there! You are welcome to browse our blog and search for various notes we have already posted regarding the subjects you have mentioned. If you have anything specific in mind, please let us know. Thank you, and keep visiting! 🙂


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